Chael Sonnen is Wrestling

This dude’s armoured tank takedown onslaught is overwhelming to the receiver.  The best bjj grapplers  infused techniques, drills, exercises etc. from wrestling into their games.  The result is  a super MATador, especially if u add judo, sambo, catch etc.)

Andre Galvao, Marcelo Garcia, Braulio Estima are  Super MATadorz.  Many exist and create new techniques daily, BJJ Evolution is Eternal!

Chael’s Double leg zig zag  variation is insane.  He cuts the corners like tron–crazy!

Go study!



Man, i am really becoming a sadistic fan of malisciously plundering ones abdominal region. Most face Knockouts u dont feel. The Liver Knockout, u FEEL, SQUEEL and Damnear KEEL over!
The Liver i believe is the 2nd largest organ located mainly on the rightside under the boob, behind the rib and floating rib.  Some  weapons of ab destruction  are:  the Shovel hook(ala rodney king, bas rutten, etc) Savate foutte, Thai kick,  lo cross, a freakin knee, a flying knee, damnnn!

Savate: a Savage Gentlemans Art

To be a Savateur is to be a serpent. Savage and speedy strikes render unlucky foes immobile and vegetable like. Savate means shoe. Imagine the steeltoe tip of chuck norris’s texas ranger cowboy boot wedging between 3 of ur ribs, cracking the one in the middle,and kissing ur liver. yea, and yea!

Roger Gracie: Word on Mental Game

Roger Gracie: “I think people beat themselves sometimes”

by Deb Blyth — June 4, 2010.

GB Teammates Roger Gracie, Roberto “Tussa” Alencar, and Otavio Sousa

Roger Gracie was in prime condition, looking like he hadn’t fought a professional MMA fight just a couple weeks prior. He was back to his old self, looking very confident, poised and natural in his gi. Gracie said he felt good and had no injuries. “We athletes are used to pain like muscle soreness and all that,” he said, “but I’m 100% and ready to go.”

Since Gracie arrived in Orange County, he says he’s had some good training at GB America. At the Worlds, Gracie will compete in both his division and absolute. “I feel comfortable in any position, top or bottom,” he says, “but my mind is the strongest part. I have a very strong mind and I think positively. I’m always very confident and I think that helps a lot.”

Gracie says to be a champion, you have to have a strong mind. Gracie does a lot to protect his mindset and to make sure that nothing distracts him from his mission. “I think people beat themselves sometimes,” he says, “They get themselves in an awkward position (during a competition), and they have a hard time overcoming the situation.”

Gracie says one way he keeps his mind intact is to not look at the brackets before his fights because he doesn’t want to worry about it. “If you look at the brackets, it takes you out of your mind,” he says, “The more you think about who you’re fighting, the more nervous you get. For me, I think a little, but I try to protect my mind and not think about it.” So, Gracie says he tries to keep his mind blank before his matches.

During his fights, Gracie says he just concentrates on the match. “I just react and let my training kick in,” he says, “I focus 100% on not making mistakes. I try very hard to not put myself in a difficult situation that’s harder for me to escape.”

SUBTERMAGE Word:  Mu-shin/ wu-shin is the termz for no- mindedness.   I always say ur fighting more than just the  physical opponents at these comps.  The first opponent is always ur mind.  Some become enslaved to their own self limiting beliefs.  Performance becomes impaired by anxiety and other mental garbages, the worries of everything other than the task at hand, which is to play ur game .